What is homework?

Schoolwork that you have to do at home. The amount of homework your child is given will increase as they move up the school years. Homework can help them to make progress in their learning. Homework can also be important to help them to get ready for their exams.

Children of different ages doing their homework

Problems with homework

  • My child keeps getting in trouble for not completing homework.
    • If it is just for one subject and they feel able to, they can talk to that teacher and explain that they are struggling to do the homework. You can speak to a trusted member of staff and ask them to speak to the teacher for you.
    • If your child cannot speak to a member of staff, you can call the school and ask to speak to their teacher or head of year. Explain that they are struggling with homework and ask the school to come up with a plan to support them.

Too much homework

Child with piles of homework thinking that they will never finish it all
  • You can call the school and ask to speak to a particular teacher, form tutor or head of year to explain that you feel you child is being set too much work.
  • If you feel like your child has too much homework to get back on top of it, speak to a member of staff, about how many bits of homework they have not done.
  • Make a list of all the homework that has been given. You can do this on your phone or take photos of all the work set. Note down how long your child is spending on homework.
  • The school can help by stopping any more homework being set or speaking to the teachers. You might only have to complete some of the homework until you have caught up.

Too Difficult

Child doesn't know how to do their homework and the parent doesn't understand it either
  • Contact the school to speak to them about your child’s homework.
  • Ask their teacher to set them different homework that they can do.
  • Ask the teacher to give your child a time during school when they can help them with their homework.
  • Your child should not have to miss play/break time to get help with homework.
  • Some schools use online apps to help organise homework, you can ask the school to help you set this up.

No computer

Child without access to a computer or the internet
  • Make sure your teachers know you do not have a computer at home.
  • You should not be set any homework that needs a computer to be completed.  Your teacher will need to give you any resources you need to complete the homework or set something different to do.

No internet

You should not be punished for not having the internet at home. Speak to the school to make sure that they tell the teachers that your child should not be set any online homework.  All homework and any resources you need to complete that homework should be given to you.

Tips for your child

  • Set some time aside in the week for them to do their homework.
  • If homework is piling up and they are starting to get in trouble go and speak to a trusted member of staff so they can help them to come up with a plan.
  • You can arrange a meeting at school to come up with a plan for your child's homework.  If that plan does not work for your child then they should be change it until the school finds something that works for your child.
Mobile phone reminder for homework due in 4 days