School Life

School Uniform

What is school uniform

These are the clothes that your child must wear to school every day. Most schools have rules about what your child should and should not wear.

School uniform

Why do they have to wear uniform?

Safety - A uniform makes sure that the school can easily see it’s pupils and spot anyone who is not a member of the school.  It also makes it easier to see pupils when on a school trip.

Fair - everyone looks the same and no one has to worry about not fitting in or not having cool clothes for school.

Getting ready for the adult world - In the adult world lots of jobs have a dress code or uniform and this gets them ready if they need to in the future.

Costs – It is easier for the school to buy uniform and clothes for families who cannot afford it. Uniform clothes can be bought cheaply at the supermarket.

Key problems

School uniform is too expensive

Expensive school uniform and no jewellery

If you are not able to afford uniform for your child, you can speak to the school and explain. Most schools have money set aside for families that might find it hard to buy uniform. This is easier to organise if your child is registered for free school meals

Why don’t the school let my child wear their jewellery?

Schools do not allow most jewellery for a few reasons.

 1. If they get lost or stolen the school cannot cover the cost for a replacement.

 2. There could be a risk of jewellery getting caught and causing injury, especially in the case of piercings and hoop earrings.

My child refuses to wear school uniform

If your child is refusing to wear school uniform you can speak to the school and explain that you would like help to get your child to feel comfortable. There may be a good reason that they do not want to wear their uniform. It will help to meet with the school to see what can be done.

If you are unsure about something being okay for school, it is best to ring up or go to the school office to check to see rather than buying something that they may not be allowed to wear.