Transport to school

Getting to school

The county council sometimes provieds transport for your child to get to school if the following reasons apply to your child.

  • The transport can be for your nearest school only  ( or the school your child has been offred if the nearest school was asked for but not avalible) 
  • If the school is 2 or more miles from your home and your child is under 8 
  • If the school is 3 or more miles from your home and your child is 8 or over.

The 2 mile and 3 mile rule may not apply if:

  • it is unsafe for them to walk to school such as there is no pavement on a busy road
  • You or your child is unable to walk due to disability or a medical condition.

 Usually a public transport pass will be given or seat on hired vehicle.


If you would like help with applying for transport or to talk about transport with the county council you can call the Admissions and Transport team. 

Call us on 0300 330 9472 Opening hours for enquiries
Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.