Bullying & Racism


Parents Arguing

Parents of GRT pupils have often experienced bullying at school and will want to protect their own children from experiencing the same thing.

Traditionally, GRT parents may wish to resolve the issue themselves by going to speak directly to the parents or even the child of the family they feel are the bullies. This is something that should be discouraged.  Insist that communications with other parties go through the school.

Racist incidents

Hands holding a

All incidents regardless of intention or seriousness must be dealt with. This includes the use of racial slurs and derogatory language, even if these are not directed towards a GRT pupil or parent. 

It is important for the trust of the GRT community that if any racist language or discrimination takes place with pupils staff or parents that the school sends a clear message that this is not accepted.


Make sure you call or invite parents into school to speak about any bullying issues.

Make sure that you show that you are taking their concerns seriously.

Direct them to the parents’ section about bullying on this website.

Encourage them not to respond to the bullies or the families of the bullies directly, but instead, go through the school.

Always update parents on any outcomes or sanctions that are given so that the parents know that an issue has been dealt with.

Don’t dismiss or try to play down how the family feels regarding bullying.

Don’t fail to communicate with the family regarding outcomes or if there are any further issues.

Contact us for advice if you are unsure whether an incident should be treated as racism or bullying, or how to respond.