Advice for parents who do not read or write

Many people do not read and write but that should not stop you from getting the same support and opportunities as other people.

This website

The Stopping Place Website on a mobile phone
  • Watch the videos for instructions - ( video coming soon)
  • The icons and pictures can help you to find what sections you might need.

Phone support

Parent having a telephone conversation with a teacher
  • Call your child’s school to ask them to explain or read anything to you that you may not understand.
  • If your child is not in school you can call Teaching and Learning Provision (TLP)  on 01273 336888
  • You can also request support from the East sussex Traveller Team 01273 481340

Tips & Tricks

Parent Showing Teacher a Letter
  • You can use the voice-to-text option on your phone to write messages or make notes. 
  • Take photos of information on letters or posters to ask someone you trust to read it to you later.
  • Tell the office at the school that you would like to go to the office or have a phone call to explain any letters or emails sent home.
  • If you need to write a note to the school, don’t worry about handwriting or spelling.
  • If you need to complete a form, you can ask the school or the sites team for help.


Mobile phone with alarm going off

Using your phone to take notes, setting alarms or reminders can be an easy way to stay organised. You can ask your child or the school to help you to do this.

Interested in learning to read or write?

A parent being taught to read and write

You can take classes for free to get your English and maths qualifications

You can also get a parents learning allowance (money) to study.

 Go to this website to find out more Parents' Learning Allowance - GOV.UK (