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What is ascription?

Ascription is how you describe your child’s background or ethnicity.

Ethnicity includes Gypsy, Roma or Traveller of Irish Heritage.

Parents: Why should I ascribe my child’s ethnicity. What is in it for me?

Your children’s school and teachers will not be able to help them as much as they would be able to, if they knew about your children’s culture and background.  

If your children need extra teaching support this may not be possible unless the school is fully aware of the ethnicity of the children.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in being a Gypsy, Roma or Traveller.

It is a human right for the world to respect you for who you are.

Your children have a right to education without having to hide who they really are.

The more Gypsy and Travellers that ascribe (tick the box) the more visible the community is and the more likely the government and other organisations will take issues seriously.

Pupils integrated together

How do I ascribe?

  • You can call the school, or go to the office to check what ‘ethnicity’ your child is recoded as at school.
  • If they are not recorded as a Gypsy/Roma or Traveller of Irish Heritage you can ask the school to change this on their record.
  • If the school doesn’t know about ascription, you can ask them to look at this website.
  • You can ring this number 01273 336888 and for help to get the school to ascribe your child.
  • When you register at a school you have the option to put your child’s ethnicity on the form.
  • If you need support with this you can ask the school to speak to their Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller champion/worker. If they do not have one then you can call and we will contact them to have this set up.

Who can ascribe?

  • Gypsy/Roma – This category includes all children of a Gypsy/Roma ethnic background. They do not have to be travelling for this to be their ethnicity.
  • Traveller of Irish Heritage –This category includes Minceir, Travellers, Travelling People, and Travellers of Irish heritage.  They do not have to be travelling for this to be their ethnicity.

Who cannot ascribe as a Traveller?

  • The School Census categorisation does not include Fairground (Showman’s) children; the children travelling with circuses; or the children of New Travellers or those dwelling on the waterways unless, of course, their ethnicity status is either of that which is mentioned above.
  • This group may still be entitled to authorised absence from school when they need to travel for work.
Travelling to the fairground to work