Home Education

A school must never:

  • Suggest home education to a family under any circumstances;
  • Off roll a pupil without a written request from the parents;
  • Write or draft a letter to support a parent to off roll a pupil.

A school should:

  • Arrange to speak to the parents face-to-face if possible, preferably before they hand in the letter to off roll their child; to see if the school can do anything to solve any school based issues. 
  • Give the parents the council home education number and email address.
  • Reassure parents that if they change their mind that their child will be welcomed back to school.
Parent and teacher meeting

The school should explain the following to parents about home education:

  • The school will not provide work for their child;
  • There is no Traveller education team anymore that provides work;
  • They will be responsible for providing a fulltime education for their child;
  • They can pay for tutors but make it clear that they can be expensive and that they should only pay for someone who has had a DBS check; (add link)
  • The council’s home education team will carry out checks to make sure that a suitable education is in place;.
  • That if home education does not work ( is not sutiable) out then their child will have to return to your school and that they will be welcome to return any time before that

Questions to ask the parents to help them to fully consider home education

  • What are the reasons you are choosing to take your child out of school?
  • Is there anything the school can do to change your mind, or to help you to keep your child in school?
  • What benefits will home education have for your child? Would they get more benefits from being in school?
  • Do you have the time to home education your child full time?
  • Do you know what your child needs to learn?
  • Can you afford tutors to teach your child? - (If the parents plan to use tutors)
  • Will you be able to set and mark schoolwork that is for your child’s age range?
  • Will you be able to test that your child is making progress?
  • Will you be able to make arrangements for your child to take their exams?
  • When will your child be able to see their friends?

Child Missing education CME

Child missing out on education

If a pupil is missing from school and the parents have not officially requested in writing for their child to be taken off roll then they should be reported.

If the parents' phone to say that they are taking their child out of school, they must still be reported to CME unless they provide a signed letter or signed email.

They may also say they are not going to school because they are travelling; if this is the case then please read the information regarding travelling and base schools – If the family is not travelling for employment reasons they should also be reported to CME.